Share deep links to  
specific moments  
within videos  

UX + Product Design

Capture Interactions

Replay key product discussions.

Use theMoment to more easily and quickly capture design feedback and user interactions. Use theMoment with:

Stand-ups +
Program Management

Track Issues

Teams move fast and get out of sync.

With theMoment, teams stay in sync because it automatically tags video conferences and screen recording when each issue and task is discussed. Use theMoment with:

QA + Testing

Capture and fix bugs faster

Share video of bugs happening.

Record the entire test session and tag the video when bugs happen. Use theMoment with:

University-wide License

Stay in the moment and capture every point

With theMoment, students remain focused on the discussion, but easily mark key moments during the live lecture recording. See a demo.

Conferences + Events

Harness Inspiration

Even with a successful event, inspiration dims within days.

With theMoment, attendees tag inspirational moments with a phone or computer, so sales teams know exactly what matters during followup. See a demo.

Town Halls + UC

Align + Inspire

Internal gatherings clarify vision and inspire action — but, what was that vision again?

With theMoment, co-workers reference key moments to set the context for follow-on conversations. See a demo.

Webinars + Sales

Capture Interest

Webinars educate and inspire — but then what?

With theMoment, attendees tag areas of interest, so marketing automation can leverage their interests. See a demo.

Content Marketing

Pass it On

Video editors and social media teams are expensive.

With theMoment, crowdsource editing and social media promotion. Designate highlights visitors initially see, but empower them to tag and share what they value most. See a demo.

Training + L&D

Get up to Speed

Videos and lectures create a daunting amount of material.

With theMoment, learners tag, share and review important points to become productive more quickly. See a demo.

Video Conference Platforms

Users stay in sync + collaborate faster

Your users capture the moment of inspiration, the summary of next steps, even the perfect phrase...

With theMoment, turn on sophisticated highlight features fast, with a massive ROI. See a demo.

Live Stream Platforms

Best of Live

There's nothing more exciting than live, but there is a lot of 'boring' between the highlights.

With theMoment, sharing brings more visitors who catch up with highlights — even as the event is still streaming. See a demo.

Media Platforms

Viewers = Promoters

Deepen visitor engagement, multiply growth and index content — with just one line of code.

Watching the game, I tag amazing moments.

Clemson touchdown!

I catch up with Tom's highlights & keep watching live!