About Us

A Focused Team

A Focused Team

StreamEditor is based in San Francisco in the Mission District next to Clarion Alley, with developers both local and abroad. We are passionate about creating useful yet deceptively simple experiences.

Oh, and we use StreamEditor to tag moments during our development stand-ups, test sessions and feedback discussions. It's really useful — you should try it.

On the Near-Future of Video

1. Live streams bring new excitement to video; but viewers have no way to catch these exciting moments as they happen, yet skip the boring moments in between. StreamEditor helps with this.

2. Just as blue hyperlinks made web pages interactive, links to specific moments in streams will make video interactive. StreamEditor helps with this.

3. For the next few years, real human people will select the important moments in video and tag them with meaningful keywords; although over time, more of this task will be automated. StreamEditor helps with this.

4. Imagine search results that lists only the top-most page from each site, so you must rummage around within to find the right page. That's what video search results are today — you have to click around the video to see what's inside. Video search should be more helpful. StreamEditor helps with this.

5. With video, users will expereience less of a deliniation between:

  • editor | viewer
  • live | pre-recorded
  • in-person | remote
  • amature | professional production quality

StreamEditor helps with this.


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