Use theMoment with Zube + Daily to keep teams in perfect sync

Jump right to the moments within Daily recordings when each Zube issues is discussed.

Get to the Point

Tag and jump to specific moments within Daily recordings.

  • Simple interface
  • Share just what's important
  • Uses existing Daily recordings

  • Know what everyone said

    When viewing Zube web pages, bring up related moments with one click.

  • Catchup fast and stay in sync
  • Immediate access to perfect recall
  • Allways at your finger tips

  • Tag when it happens

    During live Daily recordings, tag key moments as they happen.

  • One-click simple
  • Hosts and participants tag
  • Easily adjust when moments start and end

  • Tag automatically

    Simply view Zube issues to automatically tag live Daily recordings.

  • Adds to each issue's related moments
  • Tags generate automatically
  • Noone misses a detail