Power + intelligence beneith a deceptivly simple design

Embed the main components for a turnkey suite of highlight features.

1. Video Overlay

Right There

Embed an overlay atop any video player with one line of code.

  • Skip ahead and back to highlights
  • Add a new highlights
  • Share on many social platforms
  • Start a new set of highlights
  • See other's highlights of this video
  • Use other video controls like normal

  • 2. Directory

    Navigate Swiftly

    Embed a directory of user-specific highlights within any web page.

  • Highlights you've tagged
  • History of highlights you've seen
  • Search your highlights
  • Highlight from other users you follow
  • Private or public highlights
  • Recent popular highlights

  • 3. Live Tag

    Tag Anywhere

    Go beyond the video player. Add the Live Tag button to sites, apps, devices, and APIs so users can tag anywhere.

  • Connect with video immediatly or later
  • the same simple button on the Video Overlay or any app/device
  • Private or public highlights
  • Recent popular highlights

  • Jumping Timecodes

    Timecodes vs. clips

  • Bring visitors to your site
  • Avoids fragmenting viewcounts and assets
  • Retain the full context with the full video
  • No additioanl storage overhead

  • Transcripts + Topics

    Search transcripts + share just what's good

  • Add/integrate transcription services (AWS)
  • Add topic detection services (ListeningMethods)
  • Group repeated references to a phrase into one highlight

  • Turnkey

    One Line of Code

  • Embed with one line of Javascript
  • Option to specify the component
  • Option to provide additional parameters