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Watching the game, I tag the amazing moments!

Clemson touchdown! Check out themoment.tv/playlist/3092

I catch up with Tom's moments and keep watching live!




Try it — At theMoment.tv, tag moments across many different live stream and video sites.

Other examples...

News - Catch and share breaking news as it happens

eSports - Share a real-time hype reel — while the game is still happening

Education - Create student presentations & gather teacher materials

Vloggers - Catch every moment, just a lot faster

Corporate - Summon key points from video conferences & quarterly reports

Sermons - Share inspirational moments

StreamEditor changes the game

Instead of littering 30-second clips all over the web, StreamEditor links users from scene-to-scene within the original stream — and it's ready to watch immediately. This changes everything.

For Users

  • Catch the Buzz but Skip the Boring - Users catch events as they happen, but can tune out during the boring parts
  • Skip Ahead or Go Deep - Users jump to highlights, but can still explore the entire original videos
  • More Kudos - Users share edits as a creative expression of their personal identities
  • Be First - Users are first to share an edit — even while it's still happening, instead of spending hours and days using standard editing software

For Creators / Streamers

  • Engage Fans - Encourage fans to create and watch one another's stories
  • Bring 'em Home - Have highlights bring more fans into your stream while you're still live
  • Sink the Pirates - Fans put out highlights well before pirates can copy, edit and upload your videos somewhere else
  • View Count - Views go towards your original videos, instead of being fragmented across a bunch of isolated clips

For Publishers

  • Bridge the Gap - Catch interested users during the critical gap between live and when the polished edit is ready
  • Break for Ads - Fan-created edits jump from video to video creating more opportunity for pre-rolls
  • Higher CPM - Use keywords from highlights in videos to earn higher CPM from ad networks
  • Activate Back Catalog - 'Top 10' edits expose users to older videos

For Platforms

  • Better Search - Popular highlights display next to each original video in search results
  • Supercharge SEO - Users index your videos so Google can link to specific moments within your videos
  • Empower Users - Add easy-to-use features that engage and empower users
  • Turn-Key - Add StreamEditor with one simple line of code
Bob Streamer

"As a leader of a big gaming community, I don't like to share only one highlight — it's better to see all of the key plays from the entire game. StreamEditor is a great tool to cover events because of the simplicity of capturing and sharing highlights in real-time."

— Angel “Txileno” Olórtegui