Use Cases / Program / Asana + Google Meet

Capture the moment with
Asana + Google Meet

Tag and share Hangout clips
for every Asana issue.

  • Faster catch up and onboarding
  • Stay up-to-date and in sync
  • With perfect recall

  • ⓵ Tag clips during meetings

  • One-click simple
  • Any participant can tag
  • Easily adjust when it starts

  • ⓶ Asana tags clips, too

  • Click an Asana issue to automatically tag live Hangout recordings
  • No one misses a detail

  • ⓷ Replay and share clips

  • Easy to use
  • Jump right to the clips
  • Share just what's important

  • ⓸ See clips at

  • Perfect recall on every issue
  • Catchup fast and stay in sync
  • Onboard new teammates quickly

  • ⓹ Share clips
    and follow teammates

    Communicate effectively using the perfect clip

  • Write shorter emails
  • Provide more accuracy
  • Following teammates to skip meetings but stay in sync
  • Coming next quarter