“I stay focused on the interview, and rapidly share what matters with my team.”

Adam Menter
Sr. Business Architect

Stakeholder Interviews


Our team can too easily miss the nuance and inspiration of customer and stakeholder feedback

Customers share their delight, their frustration and their ideas with us.

I organize, synthesize and translate this feedback into actionable projects for our team.

But the team may miss the motivation that comes from these first-hand experiences.


Every interview contains a few key moments that help drive our projects

During a customer interview, I tag many moments — without losing focus on the customer.

Later, I share different moments with different teams, such as design, marketing, engineering, and program management.


With less effort, I communicate the core reasons behind our efforts.

By sharing poignant direct experiences with the team, we all understand the motivation behind our projects.

This keeps us focused on what matters, and helps align new team members.

Moment helps us make better things.