Levels of Integration

3 Levels of Integration

From turnkey to custom
...we've got you covered

⓵ Level 1 - Turnkey Recordings

Here, users can mark and share highlights when viewing the recording

  • Publisher adds a one-line script to the footer of recording pages.
  • An overlay is added to the video player on the recording page.
  • Any user who has access to the recording page can make and share highlights.
  • Shared highlights link first to theMoment.tv server which immediately redirects to the recording page.
  • theMoment whitelist Publisher's website, and use cookies and user API (if availble) to persist user data.

Note: If the video player is contained within an iFrame, theMoment provides a modified script.

Typical developer effort is limited with focused test cycles required only around the recording page.

Insert a one-line script to the <footer> of the recording pages.

    <script src="https://themoment.tv/{your_company}/themoment.js">

⓶ Level 2 - Live Highlights

Here, users can mark highlights during a live recording

  • Publisher provides access to public/private APIs about users and recordings.
  • Publisher adds a one-line script to page to show the user's directory of highlights.
  • theMoment provides a branded web page containing the highlight button and the user's directory of highlights. User signs in using oAuth.
  • theMoment provides a branded Chrome extension to create automatic highlights for select web apps.
  • Colors on the overlay, and highlight button match branding.

Publisher provides API for basic user & recording metadata.

    user_id, // proxy_id_acceptable

⓷ Level 3 - Custom

theMoment provides custom sophisticated Highlighting solutions

  • theMoment offers proxy and onPrem solutions.
  • Embed features inApp for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android (coming next quarter)
  • System integration with transcription services (AWS), topic detection services (ListeningMethods)
  • Integration with chat bots and other devices