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This video shows how to use theMoment in general.

  • Move your mouse over the video.
  • Jump ahead to clips shown in the bottom-left corner.

Then below, see how to create Jira clips during Zoom meetings.

Create Jira clips during Zoom meetings

⓵ Record call

Start a Zoom meeting, share your screen and begin recording to the cloud. (Recording to the cloud is a Zoom Pro feature.)

⓶ Open window

Either go to or tap the extension icon to the right of Chrome's address bar to show and hide theMoment window.

⓷ Choose Zoom

Choose Zoom from the row titled Highlight live video meeting. This creates a new row inwhich the clips for this meeting will appear.

⓸ Make clips

Tap Zoom Clip to create a new clip. This clip will link to the moment being recorded right then. Type in a few keywords.

⓹ Automatic clips

Each time you open an Jira web page, theMoment automatically creates a new clip that will link to the moment being recorded right then.

That's it!

Tap the directory button in the top-left of the window to return to the main page, and notice your new meeting clips grouped together.

Jira clips

When viewing a Jira page, tap the extension icon to see all of the clips about just that page.

Share links

Copy and share a link to important clips even before the meeting is over.