Attendees: How to make highlights during live and remote events

Note: The following steps apply only once an Event Planner has set up a highlight button and provided attendees with a link.

⓵ See it

During a recorded event, attendees are provided a link to the event's highlight buttons.

They can visit the link on a mobile phone or laptop.

⓶ Tap It

When something noteworthy happens, an attendee can tap the highlight button.

They can optionally type in a few keywords.

They can also share a link to the highlight, even though the recording may not be ready to view until the session is over.

Attendees need not sign in to make highlights.

⓷ Replay It

Once the session is over and Zoom, Google Meet or BlueJeans has processed the recording, highlights are automatically linked to that video.

Viewers need not sign in to watch highlights.