How do I start?

After installing the plugin, theMoment appears as an overlay on the YouTube videos embed in your pages and posts.

  • Navigate to an embedded YouTube and move your mouse over the video.
  • An overlay will appear in the corner of the video.
  • While a key scene is playing, tap to create a new moment.

Overlay not showing?

If you're not seeing the overlay atop the YouTube video...

  • Check that theMoment plugin is installed and activated.
  • Ensure the embedded video is from YouTube.
  • Move your mouse over the video (the overlay is hidden otherwise).
  • Click the video once (if needed) to invoke the overlay.
  • If using WP-Bakery, work with the page using the FrontEnd Editor.

Highlight thumbnail does not match?

theMoment plugin uses thumbnail images accessed through the YouTube API.

This means the image may not match exactly the exact frame on which the highlight begins.

Not working right?

The following are known limitations of the plugin...

  • One YouTube video per page.
  • Video can not be within a dialog or pop-up window.
  • Compatible with page layout plugins: WP-Bakery, Elementor, Classic, and Guttenberg.

Lisence Pricing


up to 1,000

Free for up to 1000 visitors per month, with up to 20 simultaneous visitors.

• Library via native JavasScript, Wordpress plugin, etc.

• Promotion of links to your highlights from directory

Small Publisher

up to 10,000

$25 per month to support up to 10,000 visitors per month, with up to 200 simultaneous visitors.

• Custom configuration settings

• One day technical support response time

Large Publisher

up to 100,000

$150 per month to support up to 100,000 visitors per month, with up to 2,000 simultaneous visitors.

• Custom branding of overlay

• 4-hour technical support response time

Media Company


$2000 per month to support up to 100,000,000 visitors per month, with up to 200,000 simultaneous visitors.

• Dedicated AWS service suite

• Analytics integration with Google, Adobe, Amplitude, etc.

• 30-minute technical support response time