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Welcome to theMoment

With theMoment plugin for Wordpress

  • Select highlights in your videos
  • Help Google to list your videos first
  • Increase visitor engagement and sharing

Easy as 1-2-3-4

Choose highlights in YouTube videos

Step ⓵ YouTube

Embed a YouTube video, just like usual.

  • Add a Youtube block
  • Paste the URL from a YouTube video

Step ⓶ See overlay

Once theMoment plugin is installed, an overlay appears on YouTube videos that are embedded as an iframe or media block.

  • Move your mouse over a YouTube video.
  • See the overlay in the lower-left corner.
  • If necessary, click the video once to see the overlay.

In WP-Bakery use the FrontEnd Editor, and in Classic use the Visual tab.

Step ⓷ Select highlights

While the video is playing or paused...

  • Tap during a key highlight.
  • Type in a few keywords.
  • Tap and to adjust exactly when the highlight starts.

The same YouTube embedded on a different page can have a different set of highlights.

Step ⓸ Fine tune

Double-click a highlight to edit, or tap its icon.

  • Edit its keywords and press ENTER.
  • Tap trash to delete.

To clear the whole set of highlights, tap in the top-right corner.

No need to republish a page — updates to highlights are instant.


Search results

Google puts videos with key moments in first place.

Visitor UX

New visitors see highlights selected by the Wordpress Admin.

  • Visitors can tap the share icon to copy a link to their clipboard.
  • Visitors can add personal highlights that only they can see and share.
  • The overlay is hidden until the mouse is over the video, and it only appears if you've picked highlights.

Optimized metadata

theMoment plugin completes the loop with Google.

The plugin both:

  • Renders the hidden HTML metadata used by Google
  • And when visitors click on a Google suggestion, it automatically scrolls the page and seeks to the exact highlight in the video

More visitors

Notice a jump in organic growth and shared links.

  • Track the increase in visitors once you added theMoment.
  • Allow a week or two for Google to rescan your pages.
  • Use Pro features to track and manage your highlights more powerfully.

Pro Features

Contact us to activate more powerful features.

  • Track highlight events from within your Google Analytics reports.
  • Browse and search the highlights you've created.
  • Leverage your search console and visitor behaviour to optimize highlight selection.

Lisence Pricing


up to 1,000

Free for up to 1000 visitors per month, with up to 20 simultaneous visitors.

• Library via native JavasScript, Wordpress plugin, etc.

• Promotion of links to your highlights from theMoment.tv directory

Small Publisher

up to 10,000

$25 per month to support up to 10,000 visitors per month, with up to 200 simultaneous visitors.

• Custom configuration settings

• One day technical support response time

Large Publisher

up to 100,000

$150 per month to support up to 100,000 visitors per month, with up to 2,000 simultaneous visitors.

• Custom branding of overlay

• 4-hour technical support response time

Media Company


$2000 per month to support up to 100,000,000 visitors per month, with up to 200,000 simultaneous visitors.

• Dedicated AWS service suite

• Analytics integration with Google, Adobe, Amplitude, etc.

• 30-minute technical support response time