Edit videos in seconds

Quickly and painlessly edit videos — without a professional.

  • Edit a video right on its web page
  • Mark highlights, scenes and chapters as you watch
  • Attract visitors with video-SEO tuned to Google's new video search
  • No complicated tools, no massive files to move

Perfect for editing recordings of live streams, webinars, training sessions, town halls, etc.

Works with Vimeo, Wista, Vidyard, Brightcove, Katura, etc.          

Easy for Publishers

One button

While watching, tap a simple button to mark a new highlight or chapter

  • Move the mouse to the corner of videos to reveal the overlay
  • Use the same overlay to play and edit scenes

Refined controls

For more control, click exactly when highlights start and end

  • Update edits right in the video's web page
  • Include in one edit scenes from many videos
  • Incorporate scenes from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Video SEO

Search engines now promote links to those videos with identified key moments.

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Reveal interests

Visitors reveal their interestes by marking highlights.

  • Heat maps show the areas of aggregate interest
  • Adjust edits based on visitor interests
  • Visitors marking highlights can trigger marketing automation events*

Attract visitors

Enable visitors to mark & share highlights

  • Visitors use the same overlay as publishers
  • Visitors build upon edits by Publishers
  • Visitors share links directly to important scenes within videos