Works with video players used by leading CMS and LMS

Stay in the moment and capture every point

Easily reference precise moments in lectures and outside videos.

  • Tag moments without distraction
  • Share moments regardless of source
  • One-button simple

How it Works

Tag Lectures

During lectures, stay in the moment.

Tag important moments with a simple one-button mobile site, and keep your attention on the lecture.

  • Add optional tags

Jump to your highlights

Jump right to your highlights within class recordings. Skip ahead or back.

  • Retain context of the entire recording
  • Use standard video controls

Works with outside videos, too

Teachers and students tag and share specific moments from popular video services

  • YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and many more

Understand what's working

Teachers learn precisely what students tag, in aggregate.

  • Track engagement throughout the session and across the audience
  • See which moments are shared most

Embed Directory

Embed user's directory within LMS page with one line of code.

Directory lists moments students have created, plus moments from others they follow.

  • Quick integration

Browser extension adds video overlay

Install the browser extension to add a simple overlay on each video you visit.

  • Simple to use
  • Works with video players used by top CMS and LMS
  • Works with YouTube, Vimeo and other consumer video services