Works with Google Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, more

Capture the Asana moment

theMoment automatically tags the exact time in your Google Meet recordings when you discuss each Asana issue. So now you can:

  • Take shorter notes — and just link to the relevant moment
  • Attend fewer meetings — but catch everything that matters
  • On-ramp faster — with video about any issue over time

Use theMoment with Asana + Meet to move fast and stay in sync.

⓵ Record it

Video is worth 1000 pictures.

Use Google Meet to record your stand-ups and planning meetings.

⓶ Tag it

During the meeting, click theMoment to tag when something important happens.

  • One-click simple
  • Optionally add a few keywords

⓷ Asana tags, too

theMoment automatically tags the exact time in your meeting recordings when you view each Asana page.

⓸ Replay it

Deep link directly to the tagged moments in the video.

  • Deep links are easy to share
  • You still have the full length recording, so you always have context
  • Access premision is enforced by Google Drive

⓹ Watch the discussion over time

When viewing any issue on the Asana site, click the browser extension icon to see every moment related to that issue.

  • Catch-up on what you care about
  • On-board new team members rapidly

⓺ Skip meetings but stay in sync

Follow your teammates to catch everything important

  • Coming next quarter

⓻ Add clips to Asana

Write shorter notes, and link to the discussion

  • During meetings, Asana automatically adds a link to what you're discussing right then.
  • Communicate effectively using the perfect clip

⓼ As Safe as Google

As safe as Google Drive — because it is Google Drive.

  • No recordings are moved or copied
  • Uses Google Drive user permissions
  • Without proper access, no one can see any video


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$4.95 per user per month for teams between 11 and 500.

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