Replay + share asana moments

Asana automatically highights your Meet recordings when you discuss each task.

  • Take fewer notes and link to what happened
  • Stay in sync by following co-worker highights
  • On-ramp and catch up on one task quickly

Or tag moments now and install later

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How it Works

⓵ Record meetings

Video is worth 1000 pictures

Use Google Meet to record while you discuss Asana tasks.

⓶ Asana tags moments

Marks when tasks were discussed

During the meeting, Asana automatically creates a video highight when you discuss each task.

⓷ Replay moments

Get right to what matters

highights deep link directly to the exact moment within the meeting recording.

  • Jump ahead and back
  • Share easily
  • Tag more moments

Watch Task History

Jump day-to-day about one task

Back at the Asana site when viewing a task, bring up its video history.

  • Catch-up on what you care about
  • On-board new team members rapidly

Tag from your phone

One click simple

During the meeting, tag what matters with your phone.

Manage your moments

Skip meetings but stay in sync

Follow your teammates to catch everything important

  • Coming next quarter

Add highlights to Asana

Write shorter notes, and link to the discussion

  • During meetings, Asana automatically adds a link to what you're discussing right then.
  • Communicate effectively using the perfect highlight

As Safe as Google

As safe as Google Drive — because it is Google Drive.

  • No recordings are moved or copied
  • Uses Google Drive user permissions
  • Without proper access, no one can see any video

End-User Pricing


Teams of less than 10 for FREE.


$2.95 per user per month for teams between 11 and 500.

& Government

Large teams receive large discounts. Contact us.