Stay in sync and move faster

Share important moments in stand-ups, planning sessions and issue reviews.

  • Watch what your team said about each issue, day-by-day
  • Catch up and on-ramp teammates faster
  • Attend fewer meetings, but stay more in sync

How it Works

⓵ Record stand-ups and planning sessions

Video is worth 1000 pictures. So use Bluejeans to record your entire meetings.

⓶ Tag highlights when bugs happen

During the meeting, click to tag when you discuss an important topic

  • One-click simple
  • Add optional keywords

⓷ Jira tags highlights, too

Jira automatically tags Bluejeans recordings when you view each Jira issue.

  • Automatically tags when you view each issue

⓸ Replay highlights

Get right to it — link directly to the highlight.

  • Rewind to see more context
  • Access enforced by Bluejeans

⓹ See highlights of your team discussing each Jira issue

Jira automatically tags highlights when you open each issue.

  • Catch up on what you care about
  • Rapidly onboard new team members

⓺ Add highlights to Jira

Don't just tell me, show me

Supplement descriptions with a link to the highlight of the issue discussion

⓻ Share highlights and follow teammates

From within Jira, see meeting recordings with moments Communicate effectively using the perfect highlight

  • Instant access to your moments
  • Follow teammates to skip meetings but stay in sync
  • Coming next quarter

⓼ As Safe as Bluejeans

As safe as Bluejeans — because it is Bluejeans.

  • No recordings are moved or copied
  • Uses Bluejeans user permissions
  • Without proper access, no one can see any video

End-User Pricing


Teams of less than 10 for FREE.


$2.95 per user per month for teams between 11 and 500.

& Government

Large teams receive large discounts. Contact us.