Stay in sync
and move faster

Jump to the moments in your Daily recordings when you viewed each Zube issue.

  • Write fewer notes
  • Don't just say it — show it
  • Get up to speed faster

How it Works

Get to the Point

Jump to specific moments
within Daily recordings

  • Easy to use
  • Jump to just the key points
  • Share just what's important

Instant 'Oh Yeah!'

When viewing each Zube issue,
replay what your team said.

  • Immediate access to perfect recall
  • Catchup fast and stay in sync
  • Onboard new teammates quickly

As it happens

During Daily recordings, tag key moments.

  • One-click simple
  • Hosts and participants tag
  • Easily adjust when moments start and end


Daily recordings are automatically tagged when you use Zube.

  • Each Zube issue is tagged in the Daily recording
  • No one misses a detail

End-User Pricing


Teams of less than 10 for FREE.


$2.95 per user per month for teams between 11 and 500.

& Government

Large teams receive large discounts. Contact us.