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Use video highlights to capture and fix bugs faster

Link from Jira to the exact highlight in Google Meet recordings when each bug happens.

  • Developers see exactly what testers see
  • Understand and fix bugs faster
  • Maximize Exploritory testing
  • Teams stay in sync and up-to-date

How it Works

⓵ Record test sessions

Video is worth 1000 pictures. So use Google Meet to record your entire test session.

  • Record the desktop in a 1-person Google Meet
  • Videos automatically saved to Google Drive

⓶ Tag highlights when bugs happen

During the test session, use theMoment's video overlay inside the Google Meet to tag the highlight when each bug happens.

  • One-click simple
  • Add optional keywords

⓷ Jira tags highlights, too

Viewing a Jira page while recording automatically tags that moment in the Google Meet.

  • Tag as you step through test cases
  • Tag when you create new issues

⓸ Replay highlights

Get right to it — link directly to the highlight when the bug happened.

  • Rewind to see more context
  • Access enforced by Google Drive

⓹ Add highlights to Jira

Don't just tell me, show me — Supplement descriptions with a link to the highlight of the bug happening.

⓺ Share highlights
and follow teammates

Communicate effectively using the perfect highlight

  • Write shorter descriptions
  • Provide more accuracy
  • Follow teammates to skip meetings but stay in sync
  • Coming next quarter

⓻ See highlights of your team discussing each Jira issue

Record standups, and Jira will automatically tag highlights when you open each issue.

  • Catch up on what you care about
  • Rapidly onboard new team memebers

⓼ As Safe as Google

As safe as Google Drive — because it is Google Drive.

  • No recordings are moved or copied
  • Uses Google Drive user permissions
  • Without proper access, no one can see any video

⓽ Pick your style

Choose how you want the overlay to look.

  • Many layout
  • Custom colors
  • Coming next quarter

End-User Pricing


Teams of less than 10 for FREE.


$2.95 per user per month for teams between 11 and 500.

& Government

Large teams receive large discounts. Contact us.