Works with Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Meet, WebEx, Goto, joinme...

Align + Inspire

Town Halls clarify vision and inspire. And with theMoment...

  • Employees tag key moments to spark follow-on discussions
  • Teams re-experience the inspiration from the original moment
  • Corporate Communication teams edit highlights in seconds and without a pro

Easy for Employees

Spark live engagement

Employees capture the moment of inspiration with one tap.

  • Employees stay focused on the speaker but tag what they care about
  • Speakers and Corporate Communication teams measure engagement second-by-second

Prolong the inspiration

After the town hall, employees jump right to their tagged moments.

  • Jump from highlight-to-highlight
  • Retain control of the whole video
  • Share with co-workers with a click

Powerful for Corporate Communication

Capture revealing data

Speakers and Corporate Communication teams learn precisely what works and what doesn't.

  • Track engagement throughout the town hall and across the entire company
  • See which moments are shared most