Works with Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Meet, WebEx, Goto, joinme, and more.

Align + Inspire

Internal gatherings clarify vision and inspire.

  • Use key moments to setup follow-on meetings
  • Re-excite inspiration of the original moment
  • Catch everything you missed

Quickly release recordings, without expensive or time-consuming editing services.

Easy for Attendees

Spark live engagement

Attendees capture the moment of inspiration with one tap.

  • Attendees stay focused on the speaker but tag what they care about
  • Speakers and Event Planners measure engagement second-by-second

Prolong the inspiration

After the event, attendees jump right to their tagged moments.

  • Jump from highlight-to-highlight
  • Retain control of the whole video
  • Share with co-workers with a click

Powerful for Event Planners

Turbo-boost behavioral data

Speakers and Event Planners learn precisely what works, and what doesn't.

  • Track engagement throughout the session and across the audience
  • See which moments are shared most, and by whom

Let sales leads expose their interests

Personal highlights tell Sales and Marketing exactly what each attendee cares about.

  • Capitalize on enthusiasm
  • Address confusion
  • Trigger marketing automation events (coming next quarter)

Painless for Event Tech

Activate videos on the event site

On the event site, add the overlay to video players and live streaming platforms

  • Supports leading video players, live streaming platforms, cloud storage, and video hosting services
  • Add theMoment javascript library to page with one line of code (almost)
  • New services added every week

Activate mobile apps

Easily embed “theMoment button” within a mobile app or site

  • Embed within the schedule or as a separate page
  • Pass theMoment API a partner key, the event ID and the User ID. That's it
  • Offer simple UX or deeper in-app experience

Setup events quickly

Rapid configuration of new events and concurrent stages

  • Name stages, if more than one
  • Allow or hide keyword entry and tagged moments
  • Self-service coming soon

Trigger automatic tags

Automatically tag moments triggered by other event technology APIs.

  • When the Speaker shows new slides, answers posted questions, shares poll results, etc.
  • Work side-by-side with transcriptions and topic recognition
  • Integrates with vision, audio and speech AI and machine learning