...with Google Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, more

Use video clips to
capture user feedback
and review meetings

Reference the exact moment users or collegues discussed specific issues and features.

  • Capture high-fidelity feedback
  • Less time writing
  • More time designing

How it Works

⓵ Record sessions

Video is worth 1000 pictures. So record your review meetings and user feedback.

⓶ Tag any clip

During the session, use theMoment's video overlay inside the Google Meet to tag important moments.

  • One-click simple
  • Add optional keywords

⓷ Aha! tags clips, too

Aha! actions automatically tag moments in the Hangout.

  • Tag as you step through planning

⓸ Replay clips

Get right to it — link directly to the clip you want.

  • Rewind to see more context
  • Access enforced by Google Drive

⓹ Add clips to Jira

Don't just tell me, show me — Supplement descriptions with a clip of you describing the feature.

⓺ Later when using Aha!, see clips related to each Aha! page you view

Immediatly pull up the clips that reate to the exact page you're viewing.

  • Simply click the Extension button
  • Don't search recording
  • Have clips at your fingertips

⓻ Share clips
and follow teammates

Communicate effectively using the perfect clip

  • Write shorter descriptions
  • Provide more accuracy
  • Follow teammates to skip meetings but stay in sync
  • Coming next quarter

⓼ As Safe as Google

As safe as Google Drive — because it is Google Drive.

  • No recordings are moved or copied
  • Uses Google Drive user permissions
  • Without proper access, no one can see any video

During the challenging time,
fast collaboration is important for our safty and economic productivity.
So theMoment is FREE to all end-users. Stay safe.


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