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Share deep links to comments in product design reviews

Share moments in Zoom recordings to move faster but stay in perfect sync.

  • Write less, design more
  • Save time — show instead of tell
  • See feedback straight from the source
How to Install           

How it Works

⓵ Record design reviews

Video is worth 1000 pictures.

So use Zoom to record your screen during product review meetings and user feedback.

⓶ Tag any clip

Click the companion pop-up window to Zoom to tag important moments.

  • One-click simple
  • Add optional keywords

⓷ Xd tags clips, too

Xd automatically tags the recording when you view each Xd prototype page.

⓸ Replay clips

Get right to it.

  • Deep link directly to the clips you want
  • Retain the full context, and rewind or fast-forward for more


⓹ Add clips to Jira

Don't just tell me, show me.

Supplement descriptions with a clip discussing the feature.

⓺ See video clips organized by each Xd page

Instantly see all clips related to each prototype page.

  • Simply click the browser's Extension button
  • No search needed — it's right there

⓻ Automatically
share with and
follow your team

Skip the meeting — but don't miss a thing

  • Follow teammates to stay in sync
  • Communicate effectively with the perfect clip
  • Coming next quarter

⓼ As Safe as Zoom

...because it is Zoom.

  • No recordings are copied or moved
  • theMoment inherits Zoom's user permissions and protections

During the challenging time,
fast collaboration is important for our safty and economic productivity.
So theMoment is FREE to all end-users. Stay safe.


Teams of less than 10 for FREE.


$4.95 per user per month for teams between 11 and 500.

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