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Introducing vSEO

Video search engine optimization.

Use theMoment to control how Google's new video search lists your videos.

(Image from Google, Sept 2019 "Search helps you find key moments in videos" )

⓵ Choose your moments

As a publisher, tap one simple button in the corner of your videos to pick key moments.

  • Just tap during an important scene
  • Easily adjust when it starts and ends
  • Add a few descriptive words

⓶ Be first in line

Videos with key moments now appear first in Google's new video search results on mobile, and soon everywhere.

  • Get a better position
  • Show the best of what's in your video
  • Attract more visitors

⓷ Jump right to it

Display these same key moments on your site's videos and let visitors jump to specific scenes.

  • Visitors see your key moments in search results, so show them on your videos, too

⓸ Share the love

Let visitors pick and share the moments they want to shout about.

  • Encourage visitors to bring others to your videos
  • Visitors use the same simple button to pick moments they share with peers

⓹ What's that buzz

Track the exact moments that attract the most visitors.

  • Analyze and promote the most attractive moments
  • See the moments visitors share most often

⓺ Turn-key Wordpress plugin

theMoment takes 30 seconds to activate.

  • Overlay appears on existing video blocks
  • Automatically adds metadata to each page

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Lisence Pricing


up to 1,000

Free for up to 1000 visitors per month, with up to 20 simultaneous visitors.

• Library via native JavasScript, Wordpress plugin, etc.

• Promotion of links to your highlights from theMoment.tv directory

Small Publisher

up to 10,000

$25 per month to support up to 10,000 visitors per month, with up to 200 simultaneous visitors.

• Custom configuration settings

• One day technical support response time

Large Publisher

up to 100,000

$150 per month to support up to 100,000 visitors per month, with up to 2,000 simultaneous visitors.

• Custom branding of overlay

• 4-hour technical support response time

Media Company


$2000 per month to support up to 100,000,000 visitors per month, with up to 200,000 simultaneous visitors.

• Dedicated AWS service suite

• Analytics integration with Google, Adobe, Amplitude, etc.

• 30-minute technical support response time