Instantly share highlights during video meetings

  • Record meetings with your current video service
  • Make highlights from a laptop or phone
  • Automatically make highlights about the apps you share on your screen

Collaborate Faster

Case Study: Autodesk

“I stay focused on the interview, and rapidly share what matters with my team.”
— Adam Menter, Sr. Business Architect

Get the most out of video interviews with stakeholders and customers.

  • One-tap mobile tagging
  • Efficiently share direct expierence with teammates
  • Yet write shorter notes

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For Education

University-wide License

Capture the moment

Students remain focused on the lecture and tag important moments with one simple button. Learn more >

Enterprise Solutions

Conferences + Events

Harness Inspiration

Attendees tag inspirational moments during live and remote events using their phone or laptop.

They retain and spread this inspiration by sharing their highlights with colleagues.

Sales teams and speakers know precisely what matters to each attendee. Learn more >

Training + L&D

Get up to Speed

Videos and lectures create a daunting amount of material.

With theMoment, learners tag, share and review important points to become productive more quickly.

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Marketing Content + Rapid Editing

Edit videos in-place and in seconds

Quickly and painlessly edit videos — without a professional.

Perfect for editing recordings of live streams, webinars, training sessions, town halls, etc. Learn more >

Sales + Webinars

Capture Interest

Webinars educate and inspire — but then what?

With theMoment, attendees tag areas of interest, so marketing automation can leverage their interests. See a demo.

Product Development

Project Management +

Take fewer notes, but execute with perfect recall.

Replay and share key moments in your project meeting:

  • Discussion of each task
  • Recap of decisions
  • Summary of next steps

Plus, Asana, Jira, Trello, Zube automatically marks key moments for you.

UX + UI + Design

Write less, and design more.

Replay and share key moments in your product design reviews:

  • Moment of inspiration
  • Page-by-page feedback
  • Customer suggestions
  • Usability problems

Plus, Adobe Xd, InVision, Aha! automatically marks key moments for you.

QA + Testing

Capture bugs faster

Record your test sessions and share key moments with your team.

Jira and other tools automatically marks key moments for you.


Video Call Platforms

Users stay in sync + collaborate faster

Your users capture the moment of inspiration, the summary of next steps, even the perfect phrase.

With theMoment, turn on sophisticated highlight features fast, with a massive ROI.

We're collaborating with Zoom to offer 3 months FREE for all Zoom Pro accounts during this challenging time.

Live Stream Platforms

Best of Live

There's nothing more exciting than live, but there is a lot of 'boring' between the highlights.

With theMoment, sharing brings more visitors who catch up with highlights — even as the event is still streaming. See a demo.

Media Platforms

Viewers = Promoters

Deepen visitor engagement, multiply growth and index content — with just one line of code.

Watching the game, I tag amazing moments.

Clemson touchdown!

I catch up with Tom's highlights & keep watching live!


Talk: Pervasive Video Deep-Links

Paul Smith, founder of, speaks at San Francisco Video Tech.

  • 1 minute read
  • 15 minute video

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Video SEO

Google now lists videos with "key moments" first in line.

Put your video's best moments forward to attract more visitors. Learn more >